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Precision for optimal equine wellbeing

As HOOFBEAT we took it upon ourselves to provide the perfect assessment of hoof biomechanics, to digitally record the smallest limb movements and timings in: 

  • landing & Break-over 
  • Stance, and all hoof angulations on hard and soft surface.
  • Swing & Stride length

With Hoofbeat we created the perfect instrument to keep a horse’s hooves balanced, making it move better, reducing stress and strain on bones, tendons, and ligaments.

We will continue to improve our understanding of hoofcare and keep supporting our clients worldwide with scientifically backed and proven tools. Only through collaboration we will make the greatest impact, learning from what we find and sharing what we know. Because to envision the best possible hoof care you have to see the unseen.

Did you know that: 

A measurement takes approximately one minute. Including data interpretation, you receive a clear picture of the results within five minutes.

Hoofbeat measures all 4 legs, and can be used on both hard and soft surfaces with the horse walking or trotting in a straight line.

Quantify and compare the data to a previous measurement on the same horse.
Communicate and share the measurement report easily and quickly using an email link.

The eye cannot follow a horse’s movement, but high-precision sensors (1140 Hertz) make this movement visible. The information is converted into objectively interpretable data, in the form of a 3-D animation and visual representation.

3-D animation

Portable set of hard- and software

Unique hoofangulations

Sound stride insight: 

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