Order your Velcro sensor attachment

Velcro's - sensor attachment

  • 1 bag contains 100 pieces
  • 25 measurements 
  •  Ensure the hoof is clean to achieve the optimal attachment.

Optimal sensor placement:


Clean the feet

  • Clean all hooves to be measured, if dirty. Hooves should be dry and free from dirt, hoof oil and grease.
  • Place a hoof Velcro sticker on each hoof , just below the coronary band.

Step 2: 

Front  alignement

  • Velcro stickers should be placed on the centre line for front hooves.
  • It should be in line with the direction of the frog.
  • Press the Velcro firmly against the hoof.


Hind alignement

  • The black hind sensors are places at the outside of the hoof.
  • The sensor is following the direction of the lamellae
  • Press the Velcro firmly against the hoof 

Wrong sensor attachment

Caution!Incorrect attachment of the sensors can impact your measurements. Refer to the attached picture. If you observe significant abnormal movements during the swing phase, please inspect the sensor attachment. It may affect the accuracy of the results.