E-book: Mastering Equine Gait: 

A Comprehensive Guide to Landing, Break-Over, Stance, and Swing for Optimal Performance

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A Complimentary Guide to Equine Motion for Hoof Care Professionals

Discover the fascinating world of horses' movement and the impact of hoofcare with our new e-book! If you've ever wondered about the secrets behind landing, break-over, midstance, and swing, look no further. This guide simplifies the details of:

  • Dorsal Hoofangle
  • Landing Duration
  • Midstance Duration
  • Break-over
  • Swing duration, Medial - later movement
  • Steplength, Flight arc
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This e-book bridges between gait and hoofcare, equipping me with a deeper understanding of equine locomotion.


Meet the driving force behind our e-book—Dr. Jenny Hagen. Developed with her extensive experience, dedicated research, and impressive educational background, this book brings you a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Hagen has been an integral part of Hoofbeat from the start, contributing valuable insights and writing numerous papers based on our data. Benefit from her expertise as we unravel the secrets of equine motion and hoof care in this specially crafted guide.

  • Medial-lateral movement
  • Ground contact explained
  • Backed-up with scientific references 


Step by Step

This e-book unravels the mysteries of equine movement, simplifying complex concepts like dorsal hoof angle, landing duration, and medial-lateral movement. It's a must-read!

Jermey Stanley
Stride with Understanding
 This guide provides valuable insights in in break-over, swing duration, and other aspects of horse movement. Whether you're a horse enthusiast or a professional, this guide provides valuable insights in a digestible format.
Magnus Smederod
Biomechanics in Practice
Exploration of key elements in equine movement—dorsal hoof angle, landing duration, and medial-lateral movement. Backed by scientific references, it's an essential read for anyone fascinated by horse's gait.


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Are you curious about how horses move and how we influence this with hoofcare interventions? Look no further! Our new e-book explores many details, uncovering the secrets behind landing, break-over, midstance, and swing!"