Hoofbalance in motion: From mystery to mastery

It's Time to Read the Feet! 

Balanced Hooves?

Are your horse's feet evenly distributing weight, preventing unnecessary pressure and strain on specific areas?

 Monitor gait? 

Did you know Monitoring your horse's movement can help identify any issues early on, allowing for timely intervention?

Stumbling horse?

Look in to identify the fundamental reason for the asymmetrical gait, such as shortened strides, stumbling, or an uneven pace.

Uncover Hoof Balance in every stride and speed. 

A lack of hoof balance is not to be detected by eye but can lead to uneven loading of the hoof and can contribute to problems such as , lameness, and other musculoskeletal problems. It's impossible to detect this rapid motion with the naked eye.  Are you struggling to identify the root cause behind your horse's asymmetrical gait? Ready to support their performance and well-being?

While some unsoundness may be heard or felt...we can make it visible... telling us what’s correct may be right, the problem is our lack of ability to detect these positive or negative changes!!

Introducing our revolutionary hoofcare tool, born from a rich legacy of farriers spanning over 100 years. Rooted in tradition and fueled by curiosity, science, and practical farrier expertise, we proudly present a breakthrough in the industry.

At Hoofbeat, we have mastered the art of seamlessly integrating modern technology with our ancient craft. Our mission is simple: to unveil every intricate detail of hoof movement. In a world where precision matters, our specialized approach ensures that even the smallest details are not overlooked.

Why choose us? Because we understand that the fine line between poor performance and perfectly balanced movement lies in those precise details. Trust Hoofbeat to elevate your craft with cutting-edge tools that honor tradition while embracing the advancements of today.

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Make evidence based decisions on how to come closer to symmetry.

  • We are all aiming to support our horses to move as symmetrical as possible. By identifying and addressing any weaknesses or imbalances in your horse's gait, you can help them move more efficiently and perform better. Hoofbeat is a comprehensive system, giving you those insights by detecting the following parameters:

  • Hoof balance on hard and soft ground:

    Rhythm through overview of footfalls:

  • Soundness on every speed: 

  • Diogo Gabriel Macedo, Digital Vet (PT)

    Without is not an option anymore… it's crucial for well-being of the horses and the success of the shoeing business.

    Sam Crompton & Russel Novelli (UK)


  • Interested in exploring subtle gait details that often go unnoticed?

Step into the future! Elevate your proposition with purpose,

Insights from Hoofcare Experts

Ben Benson AWCF,

DipWCF ATF CEF Master Farrier

Hoofbeat has given me the tools to begin opening a door on the insight of biomechanics and gives factual feedback as to what that looks like and how effective I as a practitioner can be. I wouldn’t want to be without it! (UK)
Liam James 

I have a lot of referral work for lameness/soundness issues and most of the time it stems from a toe down landing with no loading of the caudal hoof, by adding caudal support and gaining Boney column alignment HOOFBEAT shows that a within a few strides the horse is back to heel first landing with a significant increase in caudal loading, without HOOFBEAT this would all be guess work as the human eye just can’t register things moving that quickly.

HOOFBEAT is the greatest tool in my tool kit and I don’t leave the house without it 

Jaime Marco-García, LV, DVM, Msc, MRCVS
On top of that, HOOFBEAT provides a better understanding of my own daily job helping me to do self-assessment. In fact, this tool lets me dissociate from other farriers and vets, which improves my brand equity providing a new perpective of our profession. Last but not least, I consider it as an electronic assessment device with great potential due to its endless possibilities, which allow it to be a perfect tool for researching.

Wayne Turner- Australia

Cause whilst a blanket statement about horses telling us what’s correct may be right, the problem is our lack of ability to detect these positive or negative changes!!

Years of top farrier expertise, advanced technology, and hoof care science, all in a single box.

To envision the best possible hoofcare you have to see the unseen!

Hoofbeat: Tons of horse data, in a nutshell. Trace the path of success through innovative hoofprints


A lack of hoof balance is not te be detected by eye but can lead to uneven loading of the hoof and can contribute to problems such as navicular disease, lameness, and other musculoskeletal problems.

Our solution:o   It is important to regularly check the hoof balance using the Motion Map.o   The 3-D image provides insight into whether the shoe supports the hoof correctly. o   Unique unseeable insight in breakover & Landing times in 3-D representation, angulations and time.


o Gain insight into the timing and sequence of the hoof rhythm during movement, the visual representation of the hoof rhythm sounds we are already listening to gives quick insight in left-right differences during movement.

o Quickly and visually understand the difference in phases: landing, stance, roll-over, and/or swing phase by the Hoofbeat compare screen and the 3D representation of the swing.

Balanced swing

·         Hoofbeat can show the capability of your horse to distribute its weight over all four legs throughout the complete speed range in walk and trot.

·         Get to know more about your horse’s gait incomparrising with the Hoofbeat database with over 20.000 measurement and our 3-D animated gait patterns·      

  Left-right differences during movement

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